Bus Boycott!

Don't ride the bus!

We are boycotting riding the bus today and further more until we decide we have rights. We blacks are just as equal as the whites and we should have equal rights as them. We are going to boycott riding the buses and make them realize that they need out business, but don't get our business until they give us riding rights. We are led by Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King who will help us fight for our rights and make sure someday in the near future we will receive those rights. Other options entail: riding bike, walking, hitching a ride from a friend/family member. By no means should you ride the bus until later date. Thank you!

Montgomery Bus Boycott

Thursday, Dec. 1st 1955 at 9pm

Montgomery, AL

Montgomery, AL

Don't ride the bus! If they aren't going to treat us right, then we wont give them our business!