Ribbentrop, Joachim von

Foreign minister

Crimes, convictions, and sentencing

Rippentrop participated in aggressive plans against Czechoslavakia...He helped plan attacks on Poland and Russia...Ribbentrop played a role in the "Final Solution" when he acted to hasten the deportation of Jews to concentration camps in the East.

How he finished his life

In prison, Ribbentrop kept asking everyone from doctors to cell guards to barbers for legal advice....Prison pyschiatrist G. M. Gilbert saw Rippentrop as "a confused and demoralized opportunist.".... Ribbentrop's erratic behavior caused his lawyer to complain, "This man is impossible to defend."Rippentrop was hanged on October 16, 1946.

I think the consequence fit the crime and that he should of been executed for all the people he has murdered and all the nazis should of been executed that murdered lots of innocent people