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4th Edition..................................January 2016

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Welcome to Learning in 2016!

As we begin the New Year, we have much to celebrate as we've laid the foundation for continued enhancements to Mayer’s Learning and Development efforts. We continue to update and streamline the content within Mayer U so you can more easily locate the information and courses most important to you.

Some of that effort includes changes to the Learning Paths (formerly known as “training tracks”) in the coming month. These Learning Paths will be focused on organizational competencies more in line with individual roles and responsibilities within Mayer. You’ll also notice we’ve streamlined the Product Categories for locating specific product training, while maintaining the ability to search by specific supplier.

In the coming weeks you will see a renewed focus in support of Mayer's efforts on Safety, Compliance and Ethics. New courses in these areas will be rolled out in waves during the first quarter of 2016.

What's New in Mayer U?

ERP Systems Documentation (Use Productivity Kits or "UPKs")

To simplify and provide better clarity, all UPK courses formerly housed on Mayer U can now be found exclusively on MayerNet. Consolidating these courses in a single location will provide consistency and ensure you are getting the most current updates. To access all available UPKs, simply click on the link below: http://upk/MayerUPkContent/Publishing%20Content/PlayerPackage/tocx.html

In the event you attempt to access the UPKs in Mayer U, you will be redirected to the location above

In the Spot Light

Each month the L&D team is developing and revising programs to provide high-quality, relevant content. Check out the following programs recently added to Mayer U:

· Associate Benefits Overview 2016 (reflects 2016 updates)

· Southwire SIMpull Solutions

· Armored Cable Overview

· Aluminum Wire & Cable

· Fiber Optic Cable Overview

· Hoffman Hazardous Location Webinar

· Hoffman Cooling (formerly McLean Cooling)

· Hoffman Enclosures

LDAB / Learning & Development Advisory Board

To get a true pulse on what the organization needs, the L&D team needs input and representation from various representatives and constituencies within Mayer Electric. We know that to enhance and make learning relevant we need real-world, on the front lines experience and insight from our fellow Mayer associates. To do so, we’re proud to announce the creation of the LDAB (Learning & Development Advisory Board), a group comprised of a cross section of associates from each region representing a variety of levels of responsibility throughout Mayer Electric.

The purpose of the LDAB is to engage associates in the validation of learning programs identified through formal and informal assessments, to partner with the L&D team to identify specific learning needs, and to pilot certain programs. The LDAB will ensure we are bringing relevant and needed learning programs to our organization at every level and every branch.

Be on the lookout for news from the LDAB in future editions of The Wire.

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