What is Media

Davonte Boyd


I think media is anything you can you use to spread an idea or get a message out with. Cellphones, TV, and computers are the main forms of media. We also have newspapers, magazines, and radio as forms of media. Most people think of media just being the press or paparazzi, but there is way more to media than the latest celeb news. I feel that media is one of the most powerful tools we have it can make something be known world wide in an instant. Media can be used to help make a change in the world, like people starting movements on twitter. It could also be an add on TV that makes you want to donate to an organization. Media is a good and bad thing its good for people who are trying to get out an important message to the world, or the guy who starts a blog and becomes famous. For people who post things they shouldn’t on their Facebook, twitter, or anywhere on the Internet and end up getting fired from their job, media can be a bad thing. I feel that being media literate is how you use media, like using Facebook to start a group that does community service or how well you are at creating forms of media, like a new website or blog. I think that if you’re a media literate person you can make major changes in the world, because media is becoming more and more powerful, like you can start a whole movement with just one tweet or blog post.

T-Mobile Super Bowl Commercial Precis

In the commercial for T-Mobile, which aired during the 2014 super bowl, communicates to viewers that with no contract for your phone you are unlimited. T-Mobile advertises this product by showing that since Tim Tebow doesn’t have his NFL contract he has been able to do so much more stuff. T-Mobile attempts to get viewers to see how much better life is with no contracts in order to get people to leave their cell phone companies and switch to T-Mobile. This commercial uses a humorous tone which connects with people who have cell phones.

News Satire

Gwinnett Makes More Changes to the School Day

Davonte Boyd, Gwinnett Times

March 20, 2014

Gwinnett- Gwinnett County recently added 30 minutes to the school day to make up for the snow days students missed. The Changes made to the school day has made a lot of students and their parents upset. Most parents have had to change their whole schedule for them to be on time to pick up their kids. Students now have less time to get ready for work and other things they have to do after school John Davis of Central Gwinnett high school was quoted saying “ I have been late to work four days in a row, and I’m about to lose my job.” With all the inconveniences they have caused Gwinnett County Public Schools has been receiving a lot of hate mail in their offices. In response Gwinnett County Public Schools has decided to not only take away the extra 30 minutes they added, but for the next month students will get out 30 minutes earlier as a way of saying sorry.

Smore #4


slavery began when white Americans went to Africa and brought the black people back to american. once the Africans arrived in America they were upset because the boat ride from Africa was long and uncomfortable, so they told the white people to leave this new land that they had brought to too of face punishments. the white people did not listen so the Africans got mad and started a riot where they took all of the white peoples land boats guns and food. once all their stuff was gone the white people had no way to survive so the Africans made them work their land and do all the things they didn't want to do with no pay, this started what we call slavery today. for the next 300 years or the Africans made white Americans do their dirty work and be servants that lived in horrible conditions and were treated as if they weren't even human. slavery made a racial divide in the two races that you can still see today in some places. it also made us go through a time called segregation where whites and blacks could not use the same facilities for anything from going to work or going out to eat with a family, during this time the facilities that the blacks would use were way nicer than the ones for the whites.

1984 reflection

1984 was a good book to me. I think the author did a good job of showing what the world could be like if we don’t pay attention to what are government is doing. If we keep giving away are privacy we’ll eventually have telescreens in all of our homes. The only thing I didn’t like about the book was the ending I felt like Obrien should have really been on their side and not a traitor. With that being said I think the most important lesson I learned from the book is you shouldn’t put trust in everyone. But overall the author did a good job with the book.

What have you learned

Media literacy was a good class to me we touched a lot of different subjects as we went through the semester. The thing I liked most about media literacy was that we were learning about current stuff going on in the world. Like we learned about how social media can make a person out to be good or bad depending on what they report to us. Learning about things that are current or recent is what sets apart this language arts class and any other one I’ve taken before. The other part of this class that was different was that almost all of our assignments were turned in electronically, I liked this because there was no “I turned it in excuse” or telling the teacher he lost your work either you did it or you didn’t. My favorite thing we learned about was how we are new age of texting and how the younger generation is literally creating a new language through texting. It was cool to me that we are a part of this while its happening like we’ll be able to tell our children we made the texting language everyone uses. The main idea of the class to me is to get you to realize what’s going on in our society today like what our government is doing, or issue in other countries that may affect us. I think to make the class better next year the topics that are covered should be up to date. One of things that makes this class better is that everything is current so as new information comes out the class should always be up to date with it, I also think some things should stay like the books and plays you read in class because they are important to the overall idea of the class.