Gratis Zumba® Proefles in April

Because you should not miss out on the Zumba® fun

Come and dance with us!*

Zumba® Fitness is the most awesome way to dance your kilos away while having fun, and dancing to super hot rhythms. It does not matter if you have to left feet, you'll just have to listen to the music before your start moving! Zumba® is easy, effective and fun! Try it out for FREE at one of our locations throughout the month of April.

*Offer valid for first timers only


We have three locations in Maastricht, two in the city center and another one in the west side. Choose any of these locations and try our Zumba® Classes

  • Mondays: Kumulus St. Maartenspoort @21:00hrs
  • Thursdays: Kumulus Herbenusstraat @20:00hrs
  • Saturdays: Centre Manjefiek Malberg @10:00hrs

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