Celebrate with us!

Birthday celebration of mathematician, Blaise Pascal.

Blaise Pascal's Invention.

Blaise Pascal was born on June 19th 1623 in France. This was one of our many bright young mathematician's. Out of all the mathematician's Blaise Pascal changed how we check our answer's, so without having to guess an answer, we know that it's right. The Mechanical Calculator is Blaise Pascal's biggest accomplishment. Without his efforts, we today would not have our calculator's and i dont know about you but i love calculators. Sadly he died on August 19th 1662, he was only 39 years of age. So in celebration of this mathematician, We're hosting a birthday party on the 19th of June. Enjoy.

Birthday Remembrance.

Wednesday, June 19th, 10:30am

This is an online event.

This is a birthday party for Mr. Blaise Pascal, because he made us the mechanical Calculator. Thank you Pascal.


Join us in celebration. We will have much fun , there will be a contest to make a picture of something that represents blaise pascal and then submit it online for everyone to see, i then will choose the winner. The contest is for anyone willing to join the party. Have fun and remember june 19th is the party!