Marisol Rosado

ECE 205

Who am I

My name is Marisol Vega and I was born in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. When my husband joined the army we moved to North Carolina, place where I lived for ten years. In January of 2013, we receive orders to move to Germany place where I will live for two more years with my family. I have three children; Yurika 24, Jose Luis 17, and Alex 10.

Professional Experience

I have been in the field of child development for 15 years; five at Head Start program and ten at the Army child developmental program. My passion over the years has evolved as I matured; I think child development is ever changing, to meet the different needs of individual children and their families, at different times of their lives. I have an associate degree in Early childhood and currently working on my BA in Child Development; expecting to graduate on June 2015.

Educational Experience

In order to obtain my Associate in Early Childhood I have the opportunity to take several classes related to child development, but as I said above theories and new research are ever changing so is necessary to keep up with this topic at all times.

Course Expectations

This course is going to strength my knowledge among the different theoretical views on children’s cognitive and social development, the role of the teacher in fostering this development, typical educational practices associated with each view, and qualities of the child that are fostered or valued within each view.

Future professional Aspirations

My Immediate plans are complete my BA , which is going to allow me to gain employment at the Public School System, placement where I going to be able to assist children of disadvantage families.

My Hobbies

In my leisure time, when I am not studying I enjoy bible studies, traveling, karaoke, exercising, and socializing with new people..