Reading Tutor

Kayliann Matter

About ME!

*Graduate student at Ashland University
*Graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education in 2012.
*Third year teacher and currently teaching at Maple City Christian Preschool
*24 years old
*I love music, reading, technology, teaching, and dancing! Oh, and chocolate chip cookies :)


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Your child and I will be working together to help him become a stronger student in Language Arts and Literacy. As an educator myself, I know that sometimes it's hard for high school students to understand concepts and higher level thinking in one 40-minute class. Sometimes students are completely bored and other times it seems that what the teacher is trying to convey is way over their heads. Tutoring is here to help! Over the next weeks, I will work closely with Richard to help him improve the skills needed to be a competent reader, while helping him in his Language Arts class. In turn, these skills that are learned will transfer to all the classes he is taking and will help him in his academic future as well. I am excited to start this journey and I am confident that Richard will improve over the next few weeks we have together!

First Tutoring Session

Thursday, Feb. 5th, 4pm

2603 State Route 113 East

Milan, OH