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The Thornton Library has added many new eBooks to its collection. Capstone eBooks all have an audio capability, as do many of the ABDO eBooks. Students and teachers may choose from a variety of fiction and nonfiction eBooks.

Reluctant readers and struggling readers are more likely to read a book if it's on an iPad!

Shout Out!

Morning Check-Out

I'm thrilled to announce that during the 1st 6 weeks of school, the library had 558 drop-in patrons. These are students who come to the library before and after school. That is an incredible number!

I did not track drop-ins last year, but I was able to compare this year's 1st 6 weeks circulation report with last year's 1st 6 weeks report. We had an extra 1,226 books circulated! Even without checking the circulation reports, I can tell you that we definitely did not have that many drop-in patrons last year. It's a significant difference. I have been quite busy in the mornings, but it's awesome to see students excited about books.

Many of these students are coming from classrooms whose teachers participated in this summer's book study. We covered the book, Reading in the Wild by Donalyn Miller. We discussed giving students the opportunity to do authentic reading. Also, several classes are participating in a book challenge which has helped with getting students interested in reading more books. Ms. Griffin's first grade class has already met their original goal and has a new goal they are striving to reach. Ms. Griffin's 5th grade class has a goal of 500 books. Mrs. Harris' class has a goal of 1,000 books and Mrs. Tinney's class has a goal of 500 books. These book challenges are also creating wild readers!

"Reading books is the only out-of-school activity for 16 year olds that is linked to getting a managerial or professional job in later life." ~Mark Taylor from the University of Oxford

Library Pumpkin Book Contest

The Thornton Library will be holding the Third Annual Library Pumpkin Book Contest. Students may begin bringing their pumpkins on October 19th. The last day to turn in a pumpkin is October 27th.

This year teachers may also create a pumpkin! Begin submitting your pumpkins on October 19th. The winner of the contest will receive books to add to their classroom library. Remember, you cannot carve or cut your pumpkin. All pumpkins must be a character from a book.

Parents in the Library

Parents are more than welcome to come and check-out books from the library. They simply need to fill out a form, which are located in the library, and I will create an account for them. Parents may check-out 10 books for two weeks. We already have 19 parents who have created an account and are checking-out books. That is up from just 3 parents last year.

Please encourage parents to read with their children. You are more than welcome to spread the word about checking-out books from the library.

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1st 6 Weeks Library Stats

Total books circulated: 5,401

Total classes served: 124

Drop-in patrons: 558

Added books: 132

*Lucky Tigers: 11

*Students who received free books

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