Super Star times ✨

By- Samantha Yousef

Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1965, Bob White was reported dead by teenagers.

Bob White was murdered in cold blood in an empty vacant lot. His friends, who were with Bob on this terrible night, ran in the Police Station begging for help. Police officers noticed that they were all drunk, but decided to check it out. They then discovered Bob's body. Police Officers stated that Bob was stabbed. The teenagers accused two young Greasers of killing him. The police are questioning both the Greasers family and their whereabouts. Here below is information on both suspects.

Both boys are considered highly dangerous, SO DO NOT APPROACH THEM WITHOUT THE POLICE


One of the boy's family said they ran to Texas, so please, if you see one of these boys, alert the police immediately. Reward for finding them is now set at 500,000 dollars.