Bulldog Bulletin

Weeks of October 21 - October 24, 2016

Our Mission

“Pasadena High School is a learning community dedicated to instilling in our students a rigorous academic foundation, quality citizenship in a changing society, and a productive work life now and in the future.”

Change Agents (Mind frame 2)

Consider the following statements:

  • "All students can be challenged."
  • "It is important to teach multiple learning strategies to all students."
  • "It is important to develop high expectations for all students relative to their starting point."
  • "Don't blame the kids."
  • "Developing student self-regulation and developing 'students as teachers' are powerful mechanisms for improving learning."

What are your initial thoughts when reading these statements? Do you agree? Do you say 'yes, but...'? One of Hattie's mindsets is the belief that we are "change agents" and that the greatest impact on a student relates to the teacher's mindset (161). While we are challenged on a daily basis by a myriad of things beyond our control, we have all accepted the responsibility of educating our students. This includes academic and non-academic behaviors. I have always held the belief that students will make errors and our responsibility is to use moments as teachable opportunities while also helping students understand results of their action, good or bad. Do we still have work to do? Yes. But we must go into this with a positive mindset with how we can benefit each other as well as our students. Does this require deliberate action on our part or cause us to rethink what we may say? Yes, but our focus should always be on how we get students where we want them to be. Take a few moments and reflect on the statements above and think of how you can enhance achievement with your students. I look forward to our work together to make our campus safe, engaging, and supportive!

My Schedule This Week

  • Wednesday On Campus- Principal for a Day (AM)/ Off Campus (PM)
  • Thursday On Campus
  • Friday On Campus