Take a stand. Lend a Hand!

Anti Bully Campaign

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- To help feel safe around each other and to protect one another.

- To help take a stand for those who have/are being bullied.

- To come together as one and take a stand to prevent all kinds of bullying all over the world.

Take A Stand - Anti Bullying Video

Every Friday...

Every Friday we will hold an Anti Bullying Contest. You all will submit a video of you supporting Anti Bullying, and then we will choose which video we like best. After we choose the video, we will then come to your school and host a pep rally where we will show your video and tell you what we liked best about your video. Then we will invite the winner to come join us for dinner at the place of your choice. SOOO, SUBMIT, SUBMIT, SUBMIT!!!

Come to us!


Wednesday, Sep. 21st, 7am to Saturday, Jan. 21st 2017 at 12am

2201 Positive Place

Tuscaloosa, AL

Anti Bullying Campaign

Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: What type of strategies are you using to prevent bullying against teens in high school?

A: We will have everyone communicate with each other, in order to understand and get to know one another. We will play small games helping the teens to understand why bullying is wrong and what it can do to the ones that are affected by it. And lastly we will all come together and have each other share their feelings and/or personal experiences that they have had with bullying or have experienced with a friend/family member being bullied.

Q: How will you know if your program worked?

A: In order for us to know if our program has worked, we will watch and observe our students/teens closely in order to see the change that has been done, and also to watch them come together as one and bring more friends in to support anti bullying.

Q: What will you do if the program isn’t working? What adjustments can you make?

A: It is guaranteed to work! If it does not work, we will work even harder and make it our duty to put a stand to bullying! ANTI BULLYING ROCKS! :)