The Honeymooners

Kira and Kaitlyn Mounsey


Ralph Kramden (Jackie Gleason), Art Carney (Ed Norton) Audrey Meadows and Sheila MacRae (Alice Kramden), Joyce Randolph (Trixie Norton)

Details About "Honeymooners"

The show first aired on October 1, 1955-1970. The original network was CBS. Honeymooners won many awards such as, Primetime Emmy, Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Art Carney), Best Actor Continuing Performance (Jackie Gleason), Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Audrey Meadows), OFTA Tv Hall of Fame, PGA Hall of Fame, TV Land Award (3 times), Writers Guild Of America Award.

Two Significant Episodes

At Least 2 Significant Episodes (with brief synopsis):

“Mama Loves Mambo” -A handsome dance instructor moves into the same apartment building as the Kramden’s, the dance teacher teaches the wives how to do the mambo at the husbands price.

“The Man From Space”-Ralph is determined to win a costume contest where he will win fifty dollars at the Raccoon Lodge, Alice his wife is not going to give him money for his costume. Ralph makes his own costume.

Why This Show Deserves a Place in The 1950's Hall of Fame

This show deserves a place in the 1950’s hall of fame because it has already won many other awards. It also describes the 1950’s lifestyle very well. It is funny and it was very successful. It was a true 1950’s show and well liked by many.

Short Honeymooners Clip

The Honeymooners - Mom the Blabbermouth - Clip