Electricity and Lightning!

By Rylie Reischauer

Is it bad to be around water during a storm?

Yes, whether inside or outside it is a bad idea to be around water. Water is a conductor of electricity so you shouldn’t be around it during storms.


Which type of electricity is more dangerous AC or DC?

Which one is more dangerous depends on how you are using it. Basically, they are both more dangerous than the other just in different situations.

Be careful with electricity!

How many volts of electricity does it take to kill someone?

The voltage isn’t exactly the thing that kills people it is more depending on the current. It takes 10 milliamps to start muscle contractions that make it hard to control your body movements.

Does or has Iowa used an electric chair?

Iowa has never used an electric chair, Iowa does not believe in electric chairs.

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Color key:

Yellow Secondary method only

Green Has previously used electric chair, but does not today

Blue Has never used electric chair