Stono Rebellion

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Stono Rebellion

The Stono Rebellion was the largest rebellion started by slaves against their owners. On September 9, 1739, a group of 20 slaves gathered near the Stono River. They first robbed a local store, gathering fire arms and killing the owners. They then marched down the main road in St. Paul's Parish, 20 miles outside of Charlestown (Charleston), beating drums and wearing signs that said "Liberty." On their way, they hit several businesses and homes, recruiting other slaves and killing their masters and families. The group was headed to Florida, where they were promised their freedom. After 10 miles, the group of now 60 to 100 slaves rested, and the militia found them. A fire arms fight broke out, some slaves tried to escape but they were found by the militia. Slaves who participated were decapitated, their heads were placed on a post as a lesson to the other slaves. The death tally was 21 whites and 44 slaves.


Click on the attachments below. There is a copy of the first census of the United States, a breakdown of South Carolina's population and an example of a pie chart. With the data given, create a pie chart to represent the population imbalance in South Carolina in 1790.

The pie chart should be done on paper, not on the computer. Make sure to use different colors to represent each section of the pie chart.

**NOTE** Your pie chart should NOT look like mine. That is an example of Virginia NOT South Carolina

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Breakdown of SC

Free white males of 16 years and upward, including head of families



Free white males under 16 years



Free white females, including head of families



All other free persons






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