Making Thinking Visible

Quality Questioning and formative assessment all in ONE!

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LEARNING GOALS! Why are we here??

-To create opportunities for our students to expand their thinking to higher & deeper levels.

-Effectively utilize the Depth of Knowledge Questions (handout) to guide students to higher levels of thinking

-Provide variety and feedback through meaningful formative assessment

-Incorporate technology in our classrooms that has purpose & meaning

Lets dive in....using PADLET

We give you a blank wall.

You put anything you want on it, anywhere.
Simple, yet powerful.

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Thought Provoking!

Scan the QR below to enter our Padlet and answer the question "What does making thinking visible mean to you?

Fads Fade...

Use formative assessment and questioning to meet the individual needs of all of your learners!

Unpacking Formative Assessment

Let us reflect...

Go back to our group Padlet and let us reflect by answering the question "How can we create learning opportunities that encourage high levels of cognitive response?"


Utilize NearPod

Use the QR code below to go ahead and download NearPod if you don't already have it!

Join our Nearpod with this pin: YBSHW

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Soak it in!

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Mental Image Mentor Text

Sit back, relax, and turn your listening & thinking skills onto full gear!


go to

Join us:

Room ID: 72811

Name: Instead of using your real name, write in your name as your favorite Disney character!

Gain authentic answers and assessment...

How can students be responsible for their own thinking?

Go back to infuse learning and type in your answer.

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You will draw out of our hat from the three powerful questioning and formative assessment tools we reviewed today (Padlet, Nearpod, and Infuse learning).

You will then share out a way in which you can utilize this tool and incorporate it into your instruction or any additional takeaways you have from today session!

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