HIV&AIDS in Africa

Dominic Williams


  • Africans count for 70% of people in the world with HIV/AIDS
  • South Africa has extreme HIV infection rates
  • The first incidents of AIDS was found in West Africa

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HIV/AIDS is every where in Africa but it is most prevalent in South Africa
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Region wealth

South Africa is one of the wealthiest countries in Africa. South Africa is a rich country because it has cities and a good economy.
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Region cont.

South Africa is mostly urban but has rural areas. Urban areas have the cities and the rural areas are usually near the forest.
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Poverty can play a role in HIV/AIDS. Some people might not have the education about these diseases. Some might not have the money to get help.
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Is there a cure?

There is no cure but there is treatment. The treatment can rapidly slow the effects of the disease.
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Medicine for HIV/AIDS

You can take antiviral medicines to help with the symptoms.
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HIV/AIDS are the 4th biggest causes of death in Africa. It reduces productivity and labor.
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Major or Minor?

HIV/AIDS is a major issue in Africa. People have very little education on this disease. Its getting a little better since some are getting treatment. 48 million die every year.
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How to limit HIV/AIDS

People are starting to get an education and start practicing safe sex
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