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El Tiempo Libre (free time)

In Unit 5, the students have been learning how to express what they do in their free time. I certainly have enjoyed reading about their hobbies and interests. We have some very talented musicians, artists, writers, and athletes amongst us! They also learned a bit more about life in Costa Rica and what a normal teenager might do in his/her free time. To the right, you can see El Volcán Poas a very famous landmark in Costa Rica. This is a picture I took from the top, just before the cloud cover set in. Remarkable!

Grades and Assignments

According to our Schedule of Assignments , students should be have already completed Unit 5 during week 10 and those assignments will be formally closing this evening on April 3rd.
  • Watch the grade book for changing grades.
  • As a general reminder, all work from Week 11 will be closing tomorrow on April 10th. Incomplete work will result in zeros.
  • If students did not attend a Unit 6 RLC this week, they should plan to attend next week. There are three on the calendar for next week.

Celebration time!

A huge shout out and thanks to the following students who have attended at least one live class for each unit we've had so far. They haven't missed a single one and I'm so proud! Give these kids a pat on the back!

Caleb, Ally, Adam, Jeannette, Jessica M, Pablo, Carly, and Simon.

Virtual Buddy

There were numerous students during Quarter 1 that got very behind in their coursework. They raced to the finish line at the end and this impacted their learning and ability to retain information. I believe this is a good time to consider a Virtual Buddy, a program through the Peer Tutoring Center. Our Virtual Buddies are ready to help by lending a hand to students needing an extra little push, another reminder, a bit of time management guidance, instruction on study skills and tech components, or encouraging words throughout the week. They are not content specific but are geared towards keeping students on track. Since we are closing assignments biweekly now, this is SUPER important. If you feel your student needs a buddy to help them along and encourage them, please let me know and I can set them up through the PTC.

Need some extra credit?

Does your student need some extra credit? On April 7th at 8 pm, we have a session scheduled about the French School system. Please encourage your student to attend and then complete the required reflection afterwards. You are welcome to listen along with them! There are also sessions on the April 22nd, 23rd, and 29th.

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