Latin America smore

by. Christian Aycock

Mexico city

Hi my name is Christian Aycock. Today I will talk about the culture of mexico city.

The word mexico comes from the word mexica the name for the Indienous group that settled in Mexico around the 14th centery. The offical name of Mexico is Estados Unidos Mexianos.

Mexico is also home to a certant rabbit called the volcano rabbit. The biggest cat called the jaguar is found in southern jungles.

Mexican Holidays. Day of the dead is by far my favorit holiday. It is a day were they celebrate there dead loved ones. Cinco De Mio is also a holiday in mexico. It is a battle that mexico won. In mexico they also have celebrations called feastas they have food, fireworks,and much more.

In all Mexico is really cool but I don't want to live there.

History of Guatemala

Hi this is christian Aycock and to day i wil be talking about the history of Guatemala.

The Mayan civilization florished throughout much of guatemala and the surrounding regon long before the spanish arrived, but it was already in decline when the mayans were defeted by Pedro De Alvarado. During spanish colnial rule, mostof central america came under the contol of the captaincy general of guatemala.

The first colonial capital, ciudad vieja, was ruind by floods and an earth quake in 1542. In 1944, Gen Jorge Vbicos dictatership was ofer thrown by the "october revolushionarys". A group of dissident millitary oficers, students, and libenal professionals.

Shorthly after president Julio Cesar Mendez Montengro took office in 1966, the army launched a major conter in surgency campaighn that largly broke up the country side.

Oscar Humberto Mejia Victores, who suceeded him as lefaeto presedent of Guatemala.

Peru's Economy

Hello my name is Christian Aycock and today I will talk about Peru's economy.

President Ollanta Humala Tasso Begin a five year term on July 28th, 2011, Pledging to extend the benefits to Peru's strong economic growth to all Peruvians, particularly those from traditionally disadvantaged indigenous and rural communities. Two decades of pro growth macro economic policy in Peru have yielded unprecedented economic expansion, low inflation, investment grade stats for the countries debt and a dramatic drop in poverty rates. Yet many challenges remain. more than a quarter of the population live poverty. Illegal coca growth and cocaine production are on the rise, and social conflicts over natural resources. Also how to achieve socially inclusive and environmentally responsible growth pose serious challenges. Continued poverty reduction will remain critical to achieving socially inclusive and environmentally responsible growth.

Peru and the united states belong to a number of the same international organizations, including the united nations, organization of american states, Asian pacific economic cooperation forum, International monetary fund, world bank, and the world trade organization.

How the u.s. has assisted Peru. To further strengthen its democracy, reduce illegal coca cultivation, and promote social inclusive market based economic growth,Peru has competed to broaden economic opportunities ,and increase the state presence in arias susceptible to the influence and control of narcotraffickers including the valley of the rivers. A purimac, Ene and motaro [uraem]. U.S. assistance promotes these objectives through bilateral programs that suport perus anti-narcotics and alternative develupment efforts, increased social and economic inclushion, improve governance, and sound enviromental steward ship.

The Guyanas goverment

Hi my name is Christian Aycock and I will talk about the government of Guyana.

One body of government has the power to make laws, which is called parliament. 40 people are picked by proportional representation from lists that are made by political parties. 25 people are elected by districts. During national elections each party picks a group of candidates. Party leaders select members from these lisst to represent in parliament. The president can get rid of this assembly and request a new election within five years.

Guyana is for regional integration. Regional integration means working with other countries in the area. Guyana was important in founding cooperation within the area but is poor so has a hard time having authority in the group. Guyana has tried to keep their foreign policy in line with Caricom. Caricom is Caribbean Community. Their foreign policy is important in voting in national organizations such as U.N., and O.A.S..