Of Mice And Men

By Michael Rueda

Character Summary from Of Mice And Men

Character : George

George Milton is, who is described in the book as, small and quick, dark of face, with restless eyes and sharp, strong features. George has been given the task of taking care of his childhood friend by his aunt, Clara. George and Lennie both share of dream of owning a ranch with rabbits, different types of crops and tress, and just being happy together. George is usually harsh with George and treats him almost like a brother. George will sometimes go off and start yelling at Lennie telling how he could do so mush better without him; getting a house, a gallon of whiskey and could spend a whole night in a cat house. Shortly after that, he'll feel bad and apologize to Lennie. George lies about Lennie being being his cousin and being kicked in the head by a horse to avoid not getting the job at the ranch. Shortly after George and Lennie get settled down, he meets a old man by the name of Candy who tells him about all the people on the ranch. George soon meets Curley and dislikes him immediately. George is protective over Lennie; he tells him to not go go near Curley to avoid a fight or conflict and tells him not to be gawking at Curley's wife to avoid getting into trouble with Curley. George is protective over Lennie, has a brotherly-tough love relationship with Lennie, is a small and short tempered but a dear loving friend.