Design Studio Door Logo

Criteria C - Creating the Solution - Sreypich Heng

Steps To Create The Final Logo

First Final Draft

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Final Logo

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Changes between sketch and final product

  1. During the create part, I decided to eliminate 'NISC 1997' because it didn't look good with the other words and small image.
  2. I added 2 more colors into my final product because I wanted to have more attention towards this logo.
  3. I changed the rim of the circle from just be fully tile to black because the words in white didn't contrast very well with the white zip underneath it.
  4. I added 2 small design tools (pencil and paint brush). This tool was crossed over each other, so it looked like scissors and I added small lines around the smaller circle of my logo to create a zip. So, basically the tool is cutting open the zip.