Solomon Asch


Back Round Information:

  • Born September 14, 1907
  • Died February 20, 1996
  • Polish psychologist and a pioneer in social psychology
  • Created seminal pieces
  • Florence Miller
  • Married in 1930
  • Had a son named Peter


  • Very shy and didn't speak English
  • Went to Neighborhood Public School
  • Read Charles Dickens
  • Attended the City College of New York
  • Majored in literature and science
  • Received his Bachelor of Science in 1928
  • Pursued his graduate degree at Columbia University
  • Masters degree in 1930 and PhD in 1932
  • Moved to University of Pennsylvania and taught as a professor there


  • Famous Social Psychologist
  • Studied Conformity
  • Conformity- the extent to which people go along with the larger group

Significant Accomplishments:

  • His Conformity Experiments
  • Review of General Psychology survey published
  • He was ranked as the 41st most cited Psychologists of the 20th century
  • His research has led to four critical ideas that persists in social influence
  1. Social Interactions
  2. Independent thoughts and disagreements
  3. Relationships between Conformity and No- Conformity
  4. Group Influence

Psychological Perspective:

  • Sociocultural Perspective

By: Karlee Hofmann