Evergreen Coach's Corner

Growth Mindset - Teacher edition

Academic Seminar Recap

- Fall conference option. Conferences are scheduled for November 9 (evening) and November 10th (morning). Option to shift conferences to two evening events on November 8th and 9th, with a comped Thursday creating a 4 day weekend.

- Back to School night is Tuesday, Sept 20th. TAG and AVID meetings will begin at 6:00. Staff should be in the commons by 6:15. Program begins at 6:30.

- Fun'd Run will occur on October 21st.

- A survey will be coming out to determine trainings that teachers have participated in.

- PBIS overview.

- TAG class plans will be coming out for documenting TAG opportunities.

Next meeting Admin Directed Academic Seminar will be September 21st. Our topic will include SPED accommodations and modifications.

Target Trait

RELATIONSHIPS! I have witnessed some fantastic rapport developing throughout the school. Kids are laughing and having fun. One of my former principals described the building of relationships as money in the bank. It is a long year, and as teachers we often ask students to move outside their comfort zone and attempt new skills. Your "credit" with that student will go a long way toward motivating them later in the year.

Parent Communication

I sent my first welcoming letter earlier this week. By the next day, I received many warm letters of gratitude from parents who are looking forward to meeting us at Back to school night. If you haven't sent a welcome letter yet, this would be a good time to introduce yourself and invite parents to back to school night. If you have not done this before, email me and I can set you up quickly.

Relationship with parents are as important as the relationships with our students. At Back to School night, parents will be moving quickly between classes. It isn't what you say but more the impressions that the parents leave with. Parents want to know that you know your content, but more importantly they want to know that you care for their kids. Parents talk to each other, and you are laying the foundations for years to come.

5 Dimensions of Teaching and Learning

This year, we are targeting 3 of the 5 dimensions of teaching and learning.

- Purpose

- Engagement

- Assessment

(Curriculum/pedagogy and Environment will be coming later)

These 3 dimensions will be the focus of our School Improvement Plan.

Individual Growth Goals

What areas do you personally want to improve? I would like to know how I can help you reach those goals. I have visited 40% of classes (quick stops) and have already met with 15% of licensed staff to talk about areas they want to improve in. I hope to have met with all licensed staff by mid October. If you know what area you want to work on shoot me an email and I will stop by to chat.

Remember, I do know things other than Technology and google classrooms. Your goals should focus around our SIP or the 5D's. If I don't have the answer, I will find someone that you can connect with to mentor you (I will still check in and monitor progress). We have a wealth of experts in our building and district.

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