Owl Pellet Madness

Kristina Cooley, Bader Kharbat, Adan, Caitlynn Barens.

First Stage:

The first stage we had to unwrap the owl pellet. It was hard and dry. We weighed it and it was 7 grams in all. (without tinfoil)
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(his expression represents how bad it smells) (Not saying he is ugly.)
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Pellet Mass Pie Chart

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Multiple choice questions :

1. The owl’s common diet is composed of birds, rodents (rats, mouse), etc… What density dependent limiting factors would cause the owl to become endangered (lack of food)?

  1. Disease affecting Rats

  2. Increased population and thus decrease in resources

  3. A hurricane affecting rats

  4. Adan

    2. The rodent population increased exponentially, the owl was able to eat more until its population exceeded its carrying capacity and thus cause the population growth to slow down. This growth is also known as?

    1. Exponential Growth

    2. Logistic growth

    3. Kristina Growth

    4. Owl Growth