Global warming is true not really!

Do you know why?

Made by : Randy V. ,Robert N. ,Vyuana J.

Climate changes all the time

This graph is showing that the temperature has been and still is rising and falling all the time. The reason why is the suns temperature is rising and falling at the same rate as Earths for the last ten thousand years. As you can see on the graph the Earths temperature has been rising exponentially for about 8,000 years.Humans did not start building great civilizations until 3,343 years ago.
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Has the temperature really been increasing a lot

Temperature Has Been Falling

Has the temperature really been rising? As you can see on the graph below the temperature has been changing a lot since the past. On the graph below you can also see that the temperature is the lowest its been in the last 8,000 years. It looks to me like the temperature has been dropping and also rising.
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