Teacher Ed. Study Abroad Program

Spring 2014 - EDUC 3399/6399: Exceptional Learners

8-Day Study Abroad Program

Course Description: This course provides an overview of issues, trends, and instructional considerations related to special education. Students will learn about the history and current issues of special education, legal consideration concerning the rights and responsibilities involved in teaching children with special needs, characteristics of various categories of special education, and collaboration with the family and community support services. The study abroad component will allow for a focus on social justice themes as students engage in a comparison of services and educational supports for children with special learning needs in primary and secondary school settings. Three field experiences to schools will be included.

Program Highlights: This special topics course will substitute for EDUC 2315: Survey of Children in Diverse & Inclusive Settings, EDUC 3349: Special Education Assessment, or EDSP 6363: Survey of Exceptionality.

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