Premature birth

By Cooper Cooley

How this affected me

November 18, 1994 William Eugene Cooley III was born at 8:15 in Valley Hospital he weighed 4 pounds 10 ounces he was a beautiful baby. That was my mom and dad's first child but one thing was wrong he was born two months early and his body wasn't fully developed so tge nurse took William to the nursery, and 12 hours after he was born William died. He would be 22 this year

My brothers kindergarten graduation

In 1999, my older brother, William'skindergarten graduation the teacher asked who has a brother almost every body raised their hand except my brother then the teacher asked who has a sister almost everybody raised their hand except William then the teacher asked William "why didnt you raise your hand?" My brother replied "i have a brother...but he's in heaven" when my brother said that my parents started to cry and the teacher was in shock and after the graduation the teacher came up to my parents and said "i'm sorry i didn't know" my parents said "it was ok"

Symptoms and Treatment

Next let me tell Some common symptoms for preterm birth is disproportionately larde head compared to the body. Another one is infant respiratory syndrome and low newborn body temperature. Treatment preterm babies may need longer more intense nursery care. Some medication can help or if worse comes to worse surgery or if not treated death is very possible

Organizations to donate to

There are some organizations that help parents with that have had infants die from premature birth one of these organizations is called blankets for William my mom made this organization for parents that have had infants die from premature birth she makes baby blankets for these parents. Another organization is