Should Kids Under 12 play football

By: Maxx Houchins


Have you thought a bought kids under 12 playing football if so read on to figure out reasons why they should.

Pro Reason #1

The Kids would be more athletic. Michelle Obama want's kids to be healthier why not have them get a bunch of exercise where they can lose pounds and burn calories
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Pro Reason #2

Have fun. Kids can go to practice meet new friends because a lot of parents enjoy watching there kids make friends and have fun. And making new friends benefits the kids because they will be happier.

Pro Reason #3

The kids get to express themselves. A lot of kids get upset in school of something is going on in there life at a young age that they can't express so they can go on a football field develop a strong love for the game where it is the point were the grass the coach there friends comfort them when they are sad. And believe me nothings better than having a hard day in school then going out and throwing a touchdown pass or making a hard tackle.