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About Francisco Pizarro.

  • Francisco Pizarro was born in Truillo Spain.
  • Pizarro lead his first expedition to Peru.
  • Pizarro was born in 1471. Pizarro was assassinated in 1541.
  • In 1510, he accompanied Spanish explorer Alonzo de Ojeda on a voyage to Urabá, Colombia.


  • Francisco Pizarro rode into kazoo in 1539 to the sound of trumpet.
  • Francisco Pizzarro is a Spanish conqueror. Among his major accomplishments is when he conquered the Inca Empire and the founding of Lima, the capital of Peru.
  • Francisco Pizarro accomplished the discovery of the Pacific Ocean. He further conquered and found the city of Lima which is located in Peru.

  • Francisco sail for an expedition to the city of subsection.

imapact on today.

  • Pizarro founded the city of Lima and named it the Perus capital.
  • Pizarro said on three voyages he founded gold sliver, and brought it back to Spain
  • He conquired preu and became the leader of cusco Inca empire .

Interesting facts.

  • Francisco Pizarro the great Spanish conquistador is often viewed negatively for the terrible effect he had on the negative people of Peru.
  • King Charles I of Spain appointed Pizarro governor of Peru after Pizarro discovered gold and other riches.
  • On 13 September 1524, the first of three expeditions left from Panama for the conquest of Peru with about 80 men and 40 horses.
  • Pizarro's 3rd expedition started in 1532 landed at San Mateo Bay in 1532.
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