how biotechnology is related to cloning

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what is cloning?

Cloning is when you create an exact copy of a biological unit using a dna sequence with cells or organisms. There are also two types of cloning, artificial and natural cloning. Natural cloning is when a asexual plant or animal with neutral gender reproduce with themselves. Sort of like star fish. One example of artificial cloning is when they produce the same genes over over again. This is called gene cloning. Another example of artificial cloning is when they reproduce WHOLE animals. This is called reproductive cloning. Did you know that another word for gene cloning? Well, its also know as DNA cloning. Crazy right?
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The controversies over cloning

There is actually a lot of controversy surrounding cloning on the interwebs.. Especially animal cloning. Theres a story where china is getting worried of a cloning factory. Some people are afraid that there will be an army of clones taking over the world. As funny as it sounds, it actually could come true.
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the science behind cloning

Where they get the amount of clones they want and fertilize and fertilize them and let them grow. After about 5 months the embryo grows into a baby and they have clones.

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the history behind cloning

The first ideas of cloning was thought up from a man named Hans Spemann back in 1938.

The first attempt to clone a pipiens frog it failied in 1952

Karl Illmenese and Peter Hope clone a mouse in 1981

Neal tried to clone a sheep in 1994

attemptsmto clone aq wolf in 2007

Tried to clone a camel in 2009