The Glamorous 80's

In Canada

A booming decade for Canada

It's the 1980's and bigger hair is not the only thing that is on the rise in Canada. In this decade, there are various political, social, and economical impacts that have redefined the the meaning of what it is to be a Canadian.

Although there are many important decades in Canadian History, the 1980's are one of the most significant because of the valued Canadian Constitution that was repatriated, secure economic plan for Canada, and inspiring innovations and individuals which have created a new sense of unity and contributes to the identity of Canadians.


Major political events that took place in this time period have contributed to the identity of Canadians. With the new and improved Constitution, it outlines what the rights and freedom a Canadian Citizen has. As well, the step taken to apologizing for previous government action regarding the Japanese in Internment Camps during WW2, showcases the type of country Canada is, which is honest and one that wants to set things right.

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At the start of the decade, the economy was in a severe recession from the effects of inflation. Although, Canada was able to recover quickly by setting an Inflation Target Control to prevent this from happening again. The Free Trade Agreement between Canada and the United States that was also established has transformed the Canadian economy.

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An inspiring individual and an exciting new step into a growing industry contributes to the collection of national Canadian symbols that are recognized worldwide. Terry Fox and the Canadian Space Agency are two of many social impacts that were in the 1980's and have continued to have a significant presence even today.

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