Paul Revere's Amazing life

Chloe S.

Early life

Paul Revere is famous because he did a lot of things in his early life.When Revere was a young man he worked with his father as a silver smith.Next he also worked as being a politcal cartoonist and messager. paul carried messagess to the other colonies about the unfair British.Later on he joined the sons of liberty.I think Revere showed a lot of diligence in his early life.


Revere contributed a lot to help form the united states.Paul Revere warned patriots that the British were coming to the colonies.Next he help win the Reveolutionary war.Soon there were many historical museums and statues to honor his contributions.Revere worked hard in his life.
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Chartacter Traits

Paul Revere had a lot of good chartacter traits.Paul showed diligence because he worked many jobs helping his family.Then Revere showed bravery by going to fight in the Reveolutionary war.he also fought liberty in the war too.Later he showed justice because he made things fair for others.Paul Revere is my American hero!!
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