Guy Fawkes

and plot to blow up Parliment

Catholic Plot

The most common story and the one most people believe is that the plot is Catholic plot to blow up the King of England and then get one of his Catholic relatives to take the throne and prosecute the Protestants. In this version Guy Fawkes and his band of terrorists rent a house next to Parliment and begin to dig, but when they hit the foundations they could not proceed. so they rented the basement under Parliment they then filled the basement with gunpowder.

Then Lord Monteagle recieved a letter suggesting that the Parliment meeting should take place in Scotland so by the time that next Parlimenty meeting was heldin Parliment, the gunpowder had all gone off meaning it would not explode. After Guy had replenished his supplies he was caught red-handed. He gave a false name, John Johnston, but they soon descoverd and he was hanged, drawn and quartered. The other conspirators then fled to the midlands to try and start a rebellion against the king. they were soon tracked down, though, and surrounded and killed at scene.

Goverment Conpiracy

Some people believe that the plot, rather than a Catholic one to kill the king, was actually a goverment conspiracy. These people believe that the plot was actually planned by the goverment to give reason for the king to begin prosecuting the Catholics. King James was a protestant king but said that he would be kind to the Catholics, because of this the protestants were losing faith in him so this conspiracy would give him good reason to punish any Catholics. the story is much the same except it was all planned.