By Emma Kersting Period A6 March 10th 2014

Drinking is not good for you

Drinking can make you dizzy or sick if you drink to much of it. It is made of fruits and grains. Seems Healthy, right? WRONG! Fermentation is a process that uses yeast or bacteria to change the sugars in the food into alcohol. That's changing something that could be healthy into something that takes over your blood that goes to the brain. Yeah! That's what I said! It would be like replacing the milk you put in cupcake batter with soda!

How to avoid peer pressure

Saying no is hard, but you can do it! To avoid drinking, you can:

  • Walk away
  • Avoid making contact with that person/group of people
  • Come up with an excuse (ex. you don't know how it tastes, you are allergic to something in the drink,ect.)

How would it affect other people if you started drinking anyway?

  • You could drink and drive and then get into a car accident
  • You could hurt yourself by doing something dangerous
  • You could hurt someone else
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You Have the Right to Say no to Drinking