Many Hands, One Mason!!

September 22, 2019

Dear Mason Families,

Happy Sunday! Can you believe we are beginning our 4th week of school already?!? Wow! It is almost October and our learners are already reaching for the stars. As the school year continues, please continue to have a conversation with your learner about always doing their personal best. We have a saying that we use frequently at Mason; Do you best and forget the rest. When a student does their personal best, there is nothing more that we can ask for.

Are you reading with your child? Please read with your child for 20 minutes a night. You will be surprised how much reading with your child on a daily basis boosts their academic achievement, social and emotional awareness, confidence and conversation skills. This is something we are asking every family to make a priority in their household. Here is a great online resource if your child would like to have books read to them by other people but it doesn’t even come close to the impact of reading with their first teacher-YOU!

Online Reading Resource

Thanks for your time and Happy Sunday,

Roy Bishop, Jr.


We are excited to announce that Safety-Service Positions for 5th graders will be starting this week! Stay tuned for more details! Starting Tuesday, we will have 5th grade students who will walk our younger students to their line at both drop off zones. If any parent would like to help us with this process, please connect with the office as we need as much help as we can get. Thanks!

Dinner Conversation Starters:

How do solve a problem with your friends on the playground? (Answer for parents: We have been teaching students the conflict resolution skill of Rock, Paper, Scissors.)

What do you do if a stranger approaches you in public?

What book would you like to read as a family this week?

Sight words for families to practice at home:

Please click the link below and select the appropriate grade level to help your child practice their sight words. These are words students must memorize as they can't sound them out. Thanks for your support!

Sight words for K-3rd graders

Sight words for 4th graders

Sight words for 5th graders

Reading Homework: As a family, it is so important that we are reading every night! If you need books to read to your learner or they need a new book to read at home to read to themselves, we have a free library that you can grab a book from by the main entrance!

Mason Parking Lot Rules for Student Drop Off and Pick Up

Parents/families… We need your help in the Mason parking lot! Mason is committed to maintaining a policy of safety and respect regarding transportation and parking. The following guidelines have been established to promote this policy. Please read this carefully, and share with your designated drivers, as you participate in dropping off and picking your child up from school in the near future. Thanks for your support in helping keep our parking lot safe and accident free.

Driver Expectations for Drop Off in Mason parking lot:

  • Students that are being driven to school should be dropped off curbside (sidewalk) in the driveway/drop off circle. To assist with the flow of traffic, please pull your car forward as far as possible in the circle. We do not want any students walking across driving lanes of traffic or through the parking lot. Please do not leave any vehicles unattended in the drop off circle.
  • If you need to come in the building, please find a parking spot that says Visitor or park on Anita or Charlevoix St. The parking lot behind the building is only for staff, cars with a handicap parking permits, and buses providing transportation for our students. Any driver with a handicap parking permit, can park in the handicap parking spots if they so choose. We are asking that all other drivers not use this area.
  • You MUST obey all traffic laws on the streets surrounding the school at ALL times. We will be enlisting the help of law enforcement throughout the year. Parking lot speed is 5 MPH.

Driver Expectations for Drop off on Charlevoix:

  • You MUST obey all traffic laws on the streets surrounding the school at ALL times. We will be enlisting the help of law enforcement throughout the year.
  • Please abide by the no parking between 8-4 pm signs that are on Charlevoix. This area is meant to be a drop off zone only for families. We will have more of a police presence in this area and they will be handing out tickets for those violating the rules.
  • Please make sure your child walks along the sidewalk and not in between cars. Students should never be dropped off in the street at any of our drop off locations.

Driver Expectations for Pick Up:

  • Parents are permitted to park in any open parking spot in the main parking lot (you are allowed to park and get out of your car in the driveway/drop off lane during p.m. pick up but not during a.m. drop off) and exit their vehicle to pick up their child at the end of the day. Making your own parking spot and parking or waiting in your car in the fireline is not allowed. Our fire lane at Mason is from the trash receptacle to the main entrance. The parking lot will be closed once the lot is at capacity and will open whenever a spot is made available.

  • Drivers may wait inside their car with their hazard lights on in the driving lane closest to the school on Vernier Rd. between the Charlevoix and the Mason entrance.

Understandably, mornings and afternoons can be extremely hectic as we are all rushing to get to many different places. However, our students’ safety has to be our first priority. Therefore, please take time and drive slowly through our parking lot. Your cooperation with these basic safety rules is greatly appreciated.

Again, our goal is to make sure that we create a safe environment for all students and families. Thank you very much for your support and cooperation.

As always, thanks for keeping our students and community safe,

Roy Bishop, Jr.


Evacuation Drill - September 26, 2019

Evacuation Drill 9/26: During our ​morning evacuation, Mason staff and students will practice safely evacuating our building to our “safe spot” which is Parcells Middle School’s auditorium.

Please do not come to school or call the office during the drill so our staff and public safety officers can remain focused on the drill and our students' safety. Please plan ahead as students cannot be released for appointments during the drill.

The district will notify you when the drill is complete and students are back in class. Thank you for partnering with us to provide a safe and secure learning environment.

Count Day - October 2, 2019

Count day is when all public schools in Michigan tally the number of students attending their schools. Count information is critical to districts, because each student translates into state funding. LEA and ISD state aid is based on number of students legally enrolled on or before count day. Please be sure to get your student to school on time.

Office News

School Hours

Are located on our Mason webpage or click here.

Bell Schedule

Parents/Visitors at Mason

For the safety of all of our students, all parents and visitors must go directly to the office to sign in and obtain a visitor’s pass. This pass must be worn and visible at all times while in the building. Please remember to sign out when you leave.


The GPPSS has modified attendance codes for our district to keep consistent records at all schools. What's important for you to know?

  1. Medical appointments now require a doctor's note for an excused absence.

  2. Tardies are now split out in six minutes increments, giving a better picture of our students arriving late.

Attendance is a serious matter. We need to know where your child is when they do not show up for regular school hours. Please use the attendance line 313-432-4401 to report an absence prior to 9:00 a.m.

Stay Informed by …

-regularly checking our Mason Elementary School webpage

-signing up for for Mason Elementary Community Remind text messages by texting the message @k3fh9a to 81010 from your mobile device

-receiving and reading Mr. Bishop ’s Weekly Update email

-following us on Twitter (@masonelemgp) and FaceBook (@masonparents)

Thank you for all your help!

It's Fun Run Time!!!

The Fun Run is our school’s annual fall fundraiser where students collect monetary pledges to go towards our school events including assemblies, field trips, Holiday Breakfast, Spring Fling and more! We always have a school goal and we hope to hit our goal of $20,000 again this year!

Our kick off assembly is this Friday where students will learn about the prizes they will receive for collecting pledges. Each Friday, Fun Run Prize Patrol comes around to give Team updates and pass out prizes to students who have raised money. Below is a list of Fun Run grade level colors.

Y5 and K - red

1st - yellow

2nd - blue

3rd - pink

4th - green

5th - purple

These colors are used as your Team name and what your students will wear on Fun Run Friday( 10/11/19). Look for more details to come home soon and check out Mason’s PTO Facebook page and PTO website updates!

Link to Register Fun Run Registration

Lunchroom News

Does your students lunch need to be warmed up? Did you remember to send in a paper plate? We only have about 30 sec per student to warm up lunches. Lunch time is a busy time so please make sure your student is able to open lunch items on their own. We do have lunch helpers but they may not be able to get to everyone all the time.

September’s LIM and PBIS Topic: Be Proactive (Respect) and hallway behavior

Hallway Behavior- We are working extremely hard at making sure we are conducting ourselves in a positive way in the hallway. Our goal is to make sure we are keeping our school as safe as possible and part of that is making sure we understand the expectations for the hallway. Please ask your child to tell you what they are expected to do in the hallways of Mason.

Be Proactive: I have a “Can Do” attitude. I choose my actions, attitudes, and moods. I don’t blame others. I do the right thing without being asked, even if nobody is looking.

Hand Signal that goes along with Being Proactive: Place your thumb to your chest.

Stomp out Bullying

Mason is proud to support the Stomp Out Bullying effort. We invite you and your student to join us in wearing pink every Wednesday to show our support. Lets put an end to bullying!!

Calendar Dates


  • 20 - Fun Run Kickoff - watch for more information to come
  • 2 - Count Day
  • 7- Mason night at Telly's - Mention Mason
  • 9 - Evening Conferences
  • Bookfair in the library
  • 10 - 1/2 day AM ONLY - 11:38AM dismissal
  • Afternoon and Evening Conferences
  • Bookfair in the library
  • 11-Fun Run - watch for more information
  • 15- PTO Meeting 7PM
  • Mason night at Jets