Human Impact On The Earth

By: Estrella Van Kirk

How are major bodies of water important natural resources for humans

Humans use big bodies of water for many different reasons. Like oceans, lakes, streams, rivers,seas we use them all. For example the ocean some people fish and they make money off of the fish they live off of the ocean and some fish for their food. Another example is that some people fish for fun.

How we use water

Did you know that humans use gallons and gallons of water. That's a lot of water. Here are some things that we use daily that use a lot of water.

Bathing and showing

(We need to be clean)

Going to the bathroom

(All humans need to go to the bathroom)


(We need to drink water so our body are healthy)

Washing hands

(we need to be clean so we don't spread germs)

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How have human needs and activities affected the quantity and quality of bodies of fresh water

Do you go swimming in the summer with your friends. Did you know that you are using a lot of gallons of water. Also does your mom wash your clothes often same you are using a lot of water. The amount of water we have is running out because we have so much of water and we cant make more.

Negative effects that have impacted our fresh water supply

Our supply of water is running out. Here are some reasons. One is oil disasters it makes are water dirty and not clean. Another reason is people are not cleaning their trash they have. And so that trash can go into lakes and streams. Also the climate it can dry up are fresh water

How you can save the world

Did you know that just turning off the water you can save a lot of water by just doing that small act or just taking shorter baths and showers. Also you can just reuse water bottles after you finish one re fill it and out it in your refrigerator. When you are washing your car don't let the hose running all that time. When washing dishes by hand don't let the water running. Another one is wait until the end of the day to put your dishes in the dishwasher. You see its that simple.

Why is water so important to humans

We need water to survive and be healthy. A lot of people die a year of water shortness and all the animals in the oceans like fish live on the ocean so they need water. Also we need to be able of having water