Digital DNA

Ryan Fields

Some Stuff About Me

During the day I like to play video games, sports, and go to my awesome job at Arby's. The video games I enjoy playing are mature games; one reason is because they have better graphics and art, which I admire alot. I don't have many sports I like to play, but mainly its soccer and football. I use to play for my school, but I quit on it. Not very many people call their job awesome but their is also very many people that say they do have an awesome job, and it seems I'm the many of the few that enjoy their job.

Waking up

Waking up at 6:30 every morning to me, is difficult because I like sleeping and being in a relaxing bed is also a struggle for me. Sometimes when I wake up, I feel like it was only for 10 mins of sleep. Usually I wake up and go back to sleep for another 5 mins and then get ready for school or the day ahead of me. I'm currently working on waking myself up every morning, so that my parents don't have to wake me.

Getting Ready

Getting ready for a school day or work day is not my best day because when I do eventually get out of bed I go back to bed or i just take a long time to get ready. I'm not much of a laundry person, so all my clothes are scattered around my room. I do hang my clothes up and put nice clothing away when it comes out of the washer and dryer, but when it comes to me putting them in the washer and dryer, I have a hard time doing it.

Going to school

I now attend Avon High School and its my senior year; so its my second year here. I find this school more appropriate then my last high school. I either ride the bus to school or I ride with my friend and his family to school. As soon as I arrive at school, I go to my first period class and work on homework that I did not complete or I just go to the learning center and do my homework there. I plan on graduating from this high school and start attending to a college that would benefit me.

Going to Work

I know many people hate their jobs and many that do like their jobs. I work at Arby's, the only Arby's in Avon. I started working their on July 17, 2013 and loved working there ever since. All of my co-workers that I work with are extremely funny and really easy to get along with. Also they are really nice and know how to treat a new employee with respect and understanding. Every time I hear one of my friends say they need a job, I always say come work at Arby's, it is a fun and awesome job enviroment.

Game and Art

Yes, I am a very big fan of games and I plan on gaming for the rest of my life. I plan on going to college just because of gaming. I play games because the graphics and art get me very interested in what I plan on doing for my future. I plan on making a better gaming console then the ones we have today. My biggest accomplishment I want to achieve is becoming a better artist because I love art, it interests me, its like being in a totally different world. Every single piece of art is worth a thousand words.

Dinner time

Dinner time is more like saying its family time or its just time for all of us to talk about how our day went. Right before dinner starts, my baby sister says a little prayer for our food. She is really sweet and loving when she says her prayers at dinner time. Usually my step mom makes all the food, but she gets help from her mom. I swear if my step mom opened her own restraunt, she would be at the top ten restaurants in America.

During my Downtime

Pretty much during my downtime, I sit and watch television or I sit and text on my phone. My favorite television show would probably have to be, Spongebob Squarepants. I've watched that show for nearly a decade now and haven't stopped watching it since. It interests me because its funny and my baby sister loves watching it to. My phone is pretty much my life really, everything about it amazes me each day. I text all of my friends and family from it and its pretty much the only way I can contact some of them.

Before Going to Bed

Right before I go to bed, I would regularly take a shower or I would play my video games for a short time. Also I would check my bookbag for unfinished homework and finish it. Most of the time, I play my video games or I just get on Facebook and update a photo or a status that I feel that is necessary to put. On Wednesday nights, I have to take out the trash because the trash men come on Thuresday mornings.

Bed Time

Bed time is the best time of the day for me because after a long hard day of work I feel like resting my arms,legs, and my head. My arms get tired of moving heavy objects like my game console suit case or my book bag filled with books. My legs usually get tired of walking half of a mile, back and forth through the high school. My teachers tell me its good exercise, but I just laugh and say no its not. My head almost gets headachs every week and it just needs to rest because of all the information it learns from school or society.


If I could learn of how techonolgy affects me today, I could say its pretty bad. Back then we didn't have techonolgy that we have today; video games weren't invented yet nor were cell phones invented either. If I could live a day without techonolgy, I'd spend that whole day playing soccer with my friends or playing tackle football. I've learned that our society today is all based off techonolgy. One day the world will be ruled by techonology and everyone will soon be out of jobs.