Rachel C.


Dolphins eat small critters in the ocean. For example, they eat fish, shrimp,squid, lobster ,and crabs .Dolphins have to eat their food piece by piece because, their teeth are not carnivore teeth or meant for that .Although, they are carnivores'.

Life cycle

It starts by a mother giving birth .the baby stays with her mother for 2-3 years. Their mother teaches them survival skills and how to catch food. Once the dolphin grows up they live their own life until it happens over and over again.


Dolphins live in oceans all over the world . some speicies live near beaches, near people sometimes . some live deep in the ocean.

Fun Facts

-Dolphins are one of the fastest mammals of the oceans

-Dolphins communicate by making noises (through their blowholes)

-They have a dorsal fin so they swim steady( while they are in the water)

-They can have 20-100 dolphins swimming in special herd

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