How to Become a Nurse in the United States

Nurses play a major and important role in the medical industry and there is always a demand for trained and experienced nurses in the country. That is why becoming a nurse is a very good career option for many US females and as the nursing sector is being projected as one of the top booming sectors within the next five years – this is perhaps the most exciting time for joining this profession. In order to become a qualified nurse, one is required to be educated and trained and also to pass the National Council Licensure Examination- Registered Nurse Examination. There are many nursing colleges in the USA and you can easily check out the admission criteria and required eligibility by visiting the college websites anytime you want to. One can also use a college search engine for finding and short listing colleges.

Due to the employment boom that the nursing sector is experiencing for the last few years – candidates may now find that the nursing schools and colleges have become extremely demanding and getting an admission in these colleges can be a real difficult proposition. This is primarily the reason that online nursing degrees are now considered as a preferred alternative to the regular classes by many aspiring candidates and you will find that all college information can now be readily found by visiting their websites.

Anybody willing to become a nurse can enter the profession by becoming a Registered Nurse (RN) or a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) and the eligibility criteria are also different for these two types. Candidates are required to have less formal education for becoming licensed vocational nurses and need to undergo a yearlong training program before having their practice licenses. On the other hand candidates who want to become registered nurses need a minimum associate’s degree and must also go through more advanced studies depending upon their area of specialization. There are many technical and vocational schools offering 1 year training programs for Licensed Vocational nurses and these training programs normally involve both lecture type classes and hands-on clinical practice in the clinics and hospitals. Interested candidates can browse through these college websites for all the required information. These training programs for Licensed Vocational Nurses normally include first aid, nutrition, anatomy and physiology.

Candidates who want to become Registered Nurses need to earn an associate Degree in Nursing and one is required to be a minimum graduate in order to get admission to these programs. One can also opt for bachelor and Master’s degree programs in nursing for becoming an advanced practice nurse. Most bachelor and Master’s degree programs only accept registered nurses and course content for these programs are known to vary a lot, for they focus upon different areas of specialty. Acquiring a state license is mandatory for all practicing nurses in America and all required information about licensing can be easily obtained by visiting the college help websites and other similar portals. Nursing is going to stay as a rewarding career and if you are looking for more authentic information on how to become a nurse you can visit

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