Bytes by Bethany

"If Opportunity doesn't knock, build a door." -Milton Berle

We are starting the final nine weeks. As we get closer and closer to SOL testing, AP testing, and end of year exams, I tried to pull a few things that might support you and your students.

If you need help or information, make sure to email me anytime or stop by my office! I am happy to help you plan, implement or brainstorm.

Thank you for making things happen for our students.

Without you they will never be able change the world.

Google Chrome: Make It Happen

Active Review Idea

In thinking about keeping our students active and moving around, I thought this was a unique way to review for a test or exam.

Check out what teaching fellow did at Harvard. Click here to read more.


This is a tool may of you may already use, but I thought it was worth sharing just in case some might not know about it. With schedules and classes activities always changing, this is a way to make sure your students know what is due or expected the next day in class.

Remind helps teacher and/or coached connect instantly with students and parents via a text message. It is free to set up and easy to use.

Check it out here and ask others on your hall if they use it or know about it. If you use it share with others about the tool.

Communication is key and this tool helps keep everyone in the know.

Blended Learning Making it Work in Your Classroom

At the conference I attended a few weeks back, one session I attended talked a lot about blended learning. Blended learning is a way to achieve Personalized learning.

Here are some high school examples of blended learning. Click here to access a video, article, resources, and more.

New Green Screen Kit for teacher and student use thanks to TAG

We have a new Green Screen kit that is portable and available for use with student projects or teacher presentations.

Click here if you do not know what a Green Screen can do.

The kit is portable and easy to assemble. Let me know if you are interested and I can help get you started.

Stay tune for some projects students will be creating.