The U.S. Marine Corps

Why You Should Join

The First Reason Why You Should Join The Marine Corps Is "They are always the first to fight."

When I say they are always the first to fight I mean they are always the first to get to the battlefeild. "Because of their culture and because they maintain a forward-deployed presence near various global hotspots". The marine expeditionary units or M.E.U.s are the men always ready to fight. They spend about six months training for future operations before they are deployed. "They are put on U.S. Navy warships to prepare for missions". "They are always in a constant state of readiness".

Another Reason Why You Should Join The Marines Is "They Are Known For Doing More With Less."

     When I say "they are known for doing more with less" I mean they accomplish missions with less of the things they need. As the battlefield evolves what the Marines carry changes. Every marine carries a rifle and they are called a riffleman. The standard rifle is the m4 carbine. It is a modified version of the regular m4. The difference is the regular m4 is longer and bigger than the m4 carbine. The marines don't just carry a rifle they carry a secondary weapon. The standard secondary weapon is the Colt M1911. The Colt is a handgun and it was made in 1911 and introduced to the military in World War 1. They used it through all of WWII and the Vietnam War. After Veitnam they started to use the Bretta m9 handgun, but in 2013 they brought the M1911 back to service. What extra equipment they carry depends on the  mission. Like I said before as the battlfeild evolves what they carry changes. For example the Marines are in Afganastan and Iraq, so they wear and carry the dessert digital camo pants and shirt, 2 M.R.Es or meals ready to eat, multiple ammunition magazines, and maybe personal items such as a bible, journal, pictures etc. The Marines bring what they need to accomplish a mission and don't worry about carrying too much equiptment that slows them down.  

My Last Reason Why You Should Join Is The Marines Don't Just Fight In Combat. They Also Fight In Global Disasters

"In defence of our nation and its intrests the impact of every Marine makes it felt around the world". For instance "on january 12, 2010 a 7.0 magnitude earthquake rocked the small island of Haiti". "Tens and thousands were killed or injured and millions left homeless". "The president of the United States ordered the Marines of 22nd M.E.U. to go to Haiti. "The Marines provided food and water to the desprate Haitian people.
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If you want to serve and make a committment to your country and to the people around the world then you should join the Marines. As a Marine you are the first to fight, learn their tactics and are prepared for anything. Thousands have fallen and lived before you so it's time to do your share. It's your time to make a lifelong commitment to the United States Marine Corps. Semper Fidelis, Hoorah!