The epic story on how they survived


When we finally realized we had to go through the jungle, we needed to collect some supplies …

Water bottle purifier


Pocket knife

First aid kit

Water proof back pack






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The trees, animals, and plants, were our reassures that were in the jungle. We determined what was safe to eat by already knowing what we were eating. If we didn't know what the type of food was, we just left it alone. We made several spears and bow and arrows by using sticks and a sharp rock. We sharpened the bow with a pocket knife that we already had.

Daily Struggle

Our daily struggle was finding shelter since it always rained. There was many bugs, wild animals, and poisonous things out there, making it hard for us. We up would set up camp before dark, and hid up in the trees. What we actually accomplished in the Amazon was getting out of there and surviving!

Out of the Jungle

To get out of the jungle it was very tough, but we worked together and made it out alive. We did this by using our food wisely, and using strategic survival skills throught the journey. We decided to travel west along the amazon river until we found shelter and human activity.