Let's Mobilize Boy's

Draft, Bonds, Food, propaganda

The Tables have Turned

Industry switches from peace time to war time. Car companies build Tanks instead of cars, Textile mills create war uniforms instead of fashionable dresses. Business spring up across America, ammunition, and rifles are produced quicker than ever. America's industry is no longer peaceful. Food became rationed people no longer wasted canned meat, wheat, fruit, vegetables etc. America has begun to mobilize for war!

The name's Bond; War Bond.

Getting aproval of the Nation.

Bond's were used to help pay for the war effort. Citizens felt it was their patriotic duty to buy a bond. At the end of the war the government would pay you back the money you spent plus interest.

Death to Jerry!

During World War II many posters were put up all across the world depicting the Germans as evil. The government did this because they needed the people's support for the war. With an increase in propoganda, led to the United States as a whole hating the German population not only in Germany but in America as well. Soon many Germans were turned down jobs, assaulted on the streets, or even fired.

Drawling up a new Draft

The Selective Service Act, was different than the Civil War Draft because you were now unable to purchase a subsitute to fight in you place. The act first stated that men between the ages of 21-31 must enlist in the Military then it stated that all men between the ages of 18-45 must enlist in the military. It was inacted because the United States at the time did not have the man power that the European Countries did.