Lets Stop Depression!

Today: dedicated to help people going through depression

What is Depression?

Depression is a real illness that is caused by changes in brain chemistry. This can be caused by genetics, changes in hormone levels, medical conditions, or by something really bad happening to a person that is close to them or a loved one.

One simple way to help depressed people.

One thing that people do to help depressed people is they take them to the doctor. Then the doctor will prescribe antidepressants like Tricyclic. Or they will prescribe inhibitors, like Monoamine oxidase, which are a newer type of antidepressants. The pills sometimes help but it works on certain patients.

What else to do?

Just having someone talk might be the simplest thing to do. Having them express themselves is a good thing and maybe they might feel better. Maybe all they need is someone to talk to.

The last thing to do if nothing else works.

The last option you might have for the person is to take them to therapy. Take them to a place that they might feel comfortable at or that they are familiar with. You don't even have to take them to a actual therapist, you can have home therapy or like an intervention.

Symptoms of Depression

Some ways you can tell if someone is depressed is if they have a change of moods or if they have a lost of interest in friends, family and favorite activities. Another way you can tell if someone is depressed is by seeing if they are having weird behaviors like using drugs, attempting to harm themselves, missing work or school, and having trouble concentrating. You can also tell if they are depressed if they have changes in physical behavior.

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