Social Studies Curriculum Work

American History and World History Teams

American & World History Curriculum Document Work

Friday, Dec. 7th 2012 at 8am-3pm

2820 West Rose Garden Lane

Phoenix, AZ

Barry Goldwater High School - room 213

Please be sure to bring:

* Laptops

* Current Pacing Guide

* Curriculum Documents we have used (if you still have them)

* Any questions/comments/concerns about the curriculum document you have or from any of your fellow teachers

I will bring you a hard copy of the current curriculum document to use during this work time (it will not reflect any of the changes we have already made). I will also have an updated electronic copy sent to you reflecting the work we have accomplished to date.


*Pacing Guides: What needs to be done on these? Can we get them out to teachers for the second semester?

*Curriculum Document Work: Continuing on refining: Enduring Understandings, Essential Questions, Key Concepts, Student Friendly Objectives, Academic Vocabulary