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MARCH 2015

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Action Plan Progress - Leading Up to "Sweet" Success

Caillet's Key Actions

1. Promote a positive culture and climate

2. Implement balanced literacy to increase reading comprehension and proficiency

3. Improve the quality of instruction through planning and professional development

4. Improve student achievement through data driven instruction

Key Action #1 - Promote a positive school culutre and climate

Supporting Science

Key Action #2 - Implement Balanced Literacy

Remember your "Top Ten List" for Guided Reading Instruction

1. Use data for grouping: Isip & running records (DRA/EDL)

2. Tier/level of students must be identified & leveled books are selected for instruction

3. Groups: Ever changing grouping of students. August groups aren’t the same in May.

4. Lesson structure is important!

5. Before Reading – ask probing questions, take a picture walk, intro vocabulary, discuss theme

6. During Reading – ask probing questions

7. After Reading – ask probing questions, open ended comprehension & analysis. Avoid yes/no questions!

8. Do this! whisper reading, echo reading…Don’t do this! round robin reading

9. Time each day and consistency each week needs to be built into daily schedules

10. Engagement – Try a prop: Reading fingers, whisper phones, silly glasses (Especially with the lower grades!)

Daily 5 and More....

Key Action #3 - Improve the quality of instruction through planning and professional development

Key Action #4 - Improve student achievement with data driven instruction and targeted interventions

Small Group Instruction in Math Classes

Lesson Objectives and Demonstrations of Learning


Coming Soon..........................PRE-K ROUND UP! Bring on the new Tigers!

Wednesday, April 8th, 9am

Caillet Elementary Auditorium