King Tut

Also know as King Tutankhamnen (but that's way too long!)

His Life

King Tut only lived to be about 18 years old. He became ruler of Egypt when he was 8 years old. And when he was 10 he got married to his half sister. (Yuck!) If he was alive today that means he would be married in the 4th grade! King Tut loved to eat, play games, hunt and fish. His death is a mystery and he either died from a head injury or a broken leg that got infected.

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His Death

The death rituals of Egyptians started with a parade. Hundreds of servants carried things that they thought the King might need in the Land of The Dead, things like clothes, jewels, weapons, chariots, flowers, food and wine. They also brought tiny statues that were supposed to turn into magic servants to serve King Tut.

Before he was placed in his coffin, the Egyptians wrapped him up as a mummy. In those days everything was mummified like cats, bulls, crocodiles, and even insects!!! Next, he was put into three different coffins with the last one made of solid gold. It weighed more than two hundred pounds!

The Discovery

Since King Tut died so young there was not a lot of time to prepare his tomb. Most King's were buried inside a pyrmiad but robbers kept breaking in and stealing stuff. So, King Tut was buried in a secret underground tomb. The tomb would not be discovered for another 3,000 years.

By 1900, a lot of the kings and tombs were discovered except for King Tut's. An English archaelologist named Howard Carter refused to stop looking. One day he finds some old stone huts and starts to dig under them. His workers and him find one step and then many steps that lead down to a secret door. On the door is the name, TUTANKHAMEN! Howard carefully makes a hole in the door to look inside. He sees: golden chariots, jeweled chests, couches in the shapes of animals, vases and statues! He has found King Tut!

It is believed that King Tut's mummy has magical powers. Not long after he is found, the man who gave money to Howard Carter to find King Tut mysteriously dies from an insect bite. It is said that King Tut is mad that his tomb has been opened and he is seeking revenge.

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