Smart and Deadly

Your Phone Can Kill You!!

Your Phone Could Ruin Your Life

The smart phone is taking over the world!!! It can ruin your life. Causing teen deaths, and exploding!!!

Do You Think Digital Distraction is an Issue for Learners Today?


Yes,the subject of smart phones ruining life's is a frequent one. It has been discussed a lot and it has also been a big topic in schools and homes. I think that phone are to be used lightly and reasonably. I do have a smart phone myself I would want it to be taken away or broken, etc. But I do understand the consequences of the phone cause many problems in my life. According to the text It deprives sleep 80% of teenagers sleep with phone close so its distracting most of them from sleeping.The text also says has cause death of 58% of teenager phone accidents.

Effect my usage

This artical will not effect my usage considering i use pretty good time. I never spend too much time on my phone. I keep limits on my phone time.

Kylie Northrip