Dear Parents, Families and Students,

We are introducing Kevin K. Coleman's online newsletter. We hope you enjoy reading all the wonderful things we are doing here at Coleman.

I would like to invite families to our Principal Coffee Hours from 8:30-9:00 am every first Tuesday of the month. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the school and participate in helping make Coleman the best school it possibly can be. We also have SIT meetings on the first Friday of each month. We hope to see you there!

Have a wonderful school year!

Mrs. Celeste Conti


We are off to a great start in Kindergarten this year! The children have been very busy learning the classroom routines, and curriculum material. In Language Arts they are working on identifying the letters and letter sounds and learning the high frequency words. They are also working on retelling familiar stories. In math, they are identifying and writing number 0-5, applying numbers to counting, and identifying positional relationships (above, below, beside) and understanding measurement of calendar time. In Science we have been working on our Weather Unit. We are amazed at the progress each child has made!

First Grade

We are having a great year in first grade. The children continue to work on solving word problems in math as well as practice their math facts through number bonds and sprints. In reading we are practicing how to retell a story with detail about the characters and events. The children are writing narratives. We continue to practice how to focus in on a topic and give four details about it. Our class is beginning to learn about the sun, moon, and the stars in science. We are also practicing letter formation as well as trick words in phonics. We continue to read Scholastic News and Science Spin magazines. The children really enjoy the articles in these magazines. We are having a very busy and fun year in first grade!

Third Grade

We have been working very hard with building reading stamina and developing strong reading behaviors in the classroom. In math, we have been working on number bonds and problem solving. We are very proud of our students!

Fourth Grade

The Fourth grade has been working very hard on learning new concepts in Eureka Math. Mrs. Kucharski’s classroom has been solving multiplication problems using area models and partial product. Mrs. Palazzi’s classroom has been working on solving word problems using standard algorithms for addition and subtraction. Both fourth grades are excited to participate in Science experiments where the students will learn about the effects of weathering and the rate of erosion by wind or water!

Fifth Grade

Students are continuing with the Grade 5 Eureka Math curriculum. We are currently working on module 2 concepts and skills. Students are focusing on multiplying three and four digit numbers, as well as multi-step problem solving strategies. Students are encouraged to use their www.Zearn.org account for extra practice and to view a guided YouTube video for each homework assignment from http://tinyurl.com/hbnv13h.