Mrs. Drudy's L.A. News 10/05/2015

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What We're Learning in 6th Grade Language Arts

Stones, Bones, and Petroglyphs

This week's story, Stones, Bones, and Petroglyphs, features a group of students that takes a weeklong field trip to Crow Canyon, Colorado, to learn about the ancient Pueblo people who once lived there. They become archaeologists for a week—digging through dirt and sand to find artifacts, interpreting the artifacts, and using ancient methods to do chores. At the end of a week, they have gained an appreciation for both the ancestral Puebloans and the work that archaeologists do.

Spelling: Final Syllable Patterns

The spelling generalization in this week's list reminds us that vowels in final syllables often sound alike even when they are spelled differently: hospital, grumble, sponsor, shoulder, forbidden, abandon. Remind your child that (s)he can access the weekly spelling lists by accessing


October's featured character trait is compassion, to show concern for others. I am blessed beyond belief by the compassion of these sixth graders. I've been having a rough time personally as I tend to the health needs of my mother. She's had serious heart complications from her recent chemotherapy. As a result, I've missed two days to be with her. Upon my return last Thursday, the students presented me with a huge card that was signed by every single student, and a compassionate letter that wished my mother well. It was very touching, to say the least. This shows me that--together--we are helping our students develop strong, positive, lifelong behaviors. Together, we are creating the caregivers of the future.

Notes from the Teacher

Coming Up:

Wed., Oct. 7: Early Dismissal 2:25

Friday, Oct. 9: End of the nine weeks (10 A.R. points due)

Wed. Oct. 14: Parent Teacher Conferences (Please call the office to schedule yours A.S.A.P.)